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Eric Kowalczyk is the author of The Politics of Crisis: An Insider’s Perspective to Prevent Public Policy Disasters. Blending humor, research, and deeply personal experiences, This book offers a prescription to prevent disaster from striking again.

Eric Kowalczyk is Vice President of Strategia Consulting,, a government relations, U.S. and international business relations and crisis communication firm based in Chicago, DuPage County and Washington D.C. Strategia relationships are spread throughout the U.S. and Europe. 

He has developed a national reputation as a dynamic and engaging public speaker. Specializing in crisis communication and leadership strategies, Eric draws on a vast background of real-world and teaching experience to bring a new modality of communicating to varied professional audiences. In addition to his role as a public speaker and educator, he works with clients specializing in critical incident mitigation, strategy development for crisis resolution, crisis communications, public affairs, municipal communications, internal/external communications strategy, and media relations/training. 



Eric has trained more than 1,000 communications specialists in forty states and sixty-five cities across the country. He has presented at numerous national conferences and is a 2016 TedX BeaconStreet speaker. As Director of Communications, for the Baltimore Police Department, Eric was at the forefront of the Freddie Gray Riots. Handling local, national, and international media, he focused on transparency and accountability to connect with an already distrustful public. Eric implemented and carried out a plan that was widely praised by media across the county as being responsive and understanding of community concerns. Raised in New England, Eric is an avid football fan; he is also a devotee of philosophical studies, history, and music. 


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